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Health Benefits of Citrus Bergamot Earl Grey

Earl Grey Tea has a very distinctive and unique flavour due to the addition of bergamot orange. Unfortunately many mainstream tea brands use synthetic bergamot to flavour Earl Grey tea. This is popular because the flavour is consistent and it contains no actual citrus. Although it may taste similar it doesn't offer the same health benefits as the real thing. Despite the fact that it contains moderate amounts of caffeine there are many proven health benefits.

Bergamot oil is extracted from citrus fruit, primarily bergamot oranges. It's rich in beneficial plant compounds otherwise known as polyphenols. These beneficial polyphenols include the flavonoids neoeriocitrin, neohesperidin, and naringin

Our Organic Citrus Bergamot Earl Grey uses 30% WHOLE CITRUS BERGAMOT. This has a more noticeable positive effect on wellbeing. The aroma and flavour is also more pronounced and refreshing in real Bergamot pieces.



1) Increases Autophagy

I've recently learnt about Autophagy, its a bit like PacMan. Cells during starvation are cleaned out and new, healthy cells regenerate faster. "During Autophagy cells destroy viruses and bacteria and get rid of damaged structures. As Naomi Whittle says “it is the housekeeping process the body” It’s a process that is critical for cell health, renewal, and survival (1)

It can be increased with certain foods and can slow down the ageing process. With the Keto Diet being a popular way of reverse ageing, Drinking Earl Grey Tea can easily be incorporated into the diet.

2) Reduces Inflammation

Black tea is full of powerful antioxidants. Theaflavins present in black tea from the catechins transform through oxidation. These antioxidant polyphenols help to protect DNA against damage. It also contains antibacterial and antiviral benefits. With the added Citrus Bergamot in Earl Grey It's a great tea to drink during intermittent Fasting to lower inflammation, increase ketosis, and enhance autophagy which can slow down the ageing process. (2) Autophagy is fast becoming the new way to lose weight, look younger and extend your life.

3) Helps to reduce Anxiety and Stress

The polyphenols in Citrus bergamot contain natural healing properties at cellular levels inhibiting anxiety and regenerating the nervous system. Studies show bergamot oil aromatherapy can reduce anxiety, stress, and mood disorders. (3) The amino acid L- theanine found in in black tea can help promotes relaxation by reducing sympathetic nervous system activation in stressful situations.(4)

4) Supports Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Health

Flavonoids like the ones found in bergamot, are thought to help reduce cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that the flavonoids found in bergamot can transform cholesterol profiles by increasing good HDL levels. Citrus Bergamot had an effect on a significant reduction of total cholesterol improving the metabolic profiles and assisting in cardiovascular disease prevention (5)

Bergamot also was credited with raising good cholesterol, removing fatty deposits in the liver and lowering blood sugar levels. (6)

6 Immunity Booster

Both the Citrus bergamot and the tea itself can improving the functions of the immune system. The antioxidants (flavonoids) in bergamot are effective in getting rid of the free radicals caused by oxidative stress. Free radicals, toxic in nature, are basically by-products of oxygen metabolism that cause ‘oxidative stress’ they can induce significant damage to our system causing disease and premature ageing of our body.

The antioxidants present in the tea counter this stress. Bergamot’s immunity boosting qualities help to protect our body from viruses responsible for flu cold and other infections. Studies have shown Citrus Bergamot to be effective in therapeutic approaches towards Respiratory issues and lung diseases. (7)

7) Aids Weight Loss

Although black tea contains more caffeine than any other teas made from the Camellia sinensis plant its very high in polyphenols. The caffeine content combined with black tea's processing has been proven to have "excellent anti-obesity activity without apparent side effects" (8)

Coupled with a Keto diet and activities that assist Autopaghy it's the perfect tea to help aid weight loss and fat reduction.

Below is Naomi Whittel's Autophatea recipe

"I love to drink it first thing in the morning, the fat helps keep me satisfied, curb cravings and support my metabolism throughout the day. The caffeine gives me an energy boost before exercise and helps me burn fat during my workout. Enjoy this tea, up to four times a day and switch to decaf after 2 pm. Be sure to get whole citrus bergamot Earl Grey tea many teas contain the synthetic form of citrus bergamot and don’t have the quality ingredients to activate autophagy" (9)

Photo of citrus and cup of tea by Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash

Photo of tea cup on white cloth by Miti on Unsplash

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