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Shaking up the way you think about tea!

We love tea. Not just any old tea but high-quality organic and sustainably farmed wellness teas and infusions, curated from remote corners of the world and combined to create unique blends.



A Glorious 
Tea Experience

Our teas have been carefully selected for their taste and health properties. We have spend years researching, tasting, blending and brewing to bring you some of natures best remedies.


Our values are to ensure we only buy directly from growers or from suppliers who we know are ethical with sustainable practises. To provide Organic and Wild Teas & to ensure every tea is beneficial for your health, body, mind & spirit. 



"Your tea is absolutely amazing!! The vibrant colours of the packaging, the aroma’s and flavours of the teas got me hooked really quickly. Keep up with the amazing work team and never stop with the amazing service!!"




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